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Roundup 02/03/24

Happy 15th birthday to Ilkley Brewery!

On the 1st of March this year Ilkley Brewery is celebrating its 15 year anniversary.

From an inauspicious start with a homebrew kit in a garage, 15 years later they’re 17.4 million pints down.

They’ve managed to brew on average 2 new beers a month giving them 365 different beers over the 15 years.

Starting with an award for Mary Jane back in 2009, over 100 local, regional, national and international awards have been claimed.

With the vastly challenging industry backdrop the company deserves to celebrate this milestone. Luke Raven, the brewery’s co-owner is “proud of everyone involved and in particular the current team who work tirelessly to ensure the best pint is brewed, shipped and enjoyed”.

We checked in with some of contributors about their favourite Ilkley beers and from the unanimous feedback we’d recommend you start with a cask Mary Jane or two.

Until midnight on Sunday 3rd March 2024 you can bag yourself 20% off cases of Mary Jane (and other delicious beers) using the code LEAP20 at the Ilkley Brewery webstore.

Limited edition spring beer and discount from Wold Top

There’s a promise that spring is around the corner as the days are starting to lengthen and the daffodils are coming into bloom. What better way to celebrate than with a pint of Spring Fling from Wold Top in your local pub? At 4.3% it’s an easy-drinking straw-coloured beer with hints of citrus and a gentle bitterness which is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Wold Top are also very proud to have been invited to participate in the fourth EAT Yorkshire promotion that their friends at Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil have organised.

They’re one of 25 Fantastic Yorkshire brands who are offering a 10% discount on all online orders placed before midnight on 31st March 2024.

To take advantage of this fabulous offer, simply visit the respective websites (follow this link to view all of the participating producers) and add EATYORKSHIRE in the coupon code box for your 10% discount.

Limited edition mini kegs from Vocation

Vocation have dropped the perfect way to have Heart & Soul (4.4% gluten free session IPA) or Bread & Butter (3.9% dry hopped pale ale) at home! Both beers are now available in 5L mini kegs that pour straight from your fridge.

Be quick though – this is a limited run and stock won’t last long!

Order now from the Vocation webshop.

New release from Amity

This week Amity Brew Co have announced the release of Superdank, their new DDH Pale.

Apparently it unleashes an abundance of weedy dank flavours and aromas from their punchy hop blend of Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra and Idaho 7.

But what exactly to they mean when they use the word “dank” in a brewing context?

Well to Amity, it’s that unbelievably overpoweringly pungent pine, citrus and herb aroma you get when pairing some of the most powerful aroma hops out there, and it’s a technique that works so well in styles like pale aleas or IPAs.

To squeeze as much aroma out of the hops as possible, they hit the beer with twice the amount of hops during the dry hopping. First mid-fermentation, and then again at the end of fermentation, accentuating the aromas further, and pushing the dankness to “superdank” levels!

Congratulations to Yorkshire’s SIBA Business Awards 2024 Finalists

Finalists in the SIBA Business Awards 2024 were revealed this week, highlighting the breweries, taprooms, retailers, pubs and beer industry businesses in the running to be named the best in the UK. As is often the case, Yorkshire is well represented amongst the potential award winners.

Presentation of the awards takes place in Liverpool in March by renowned beer author, journalist, broadcaster and consultant Pete Brown at the BeerX UK event. Here’s hoping for success for our fantastic Yorkshire businesses!

Our finalists are listed below:

  • Sustainable Business – Northern Monk
  • Best Individual Design – Northern Monk – Pilgrimage
  • Best Collaboration – Northern Monk x Aunt Bessies
  • UK’s Best Independent Craft Brewery Taproom – Amity
  • UK’s Best Independent Craft Brewery Webshop – Amity
  • UK’s Best Independent Craft Beer Bar or Pub – City – Vocation & Co., Sheffield
  • UK’s Best Independent Craft Beer Bar or Pub – Rural
    Vocation & Co., Hebden Bridge

New session IPA from SALT

SALT’s Vermont Session IPA series is all about showcasing different hop flavours in their juiciest form.

Brewed with only the finest hops imported from the US and Australia, the Vermont series takes inspiration from its namesake, where Vermont style IPAs were born for them to progress into the delicious New England style that we see today.

Belma hops have unique characteristics of strawberry and melon, with a slight hint of grapefruit combined with tropical fruit flavours. This 4.7% hazy and hoppy IPA is exclusively available from their webshop now.

10% off with Timothy Taylor’s

The Keighley brewery is offering 10% discount on a variety of beers, including:

  • Dark Mild mini kegs
  • 16 and 24 bottle Pick & Mix Boxes
  • Artesian 440ml cans 12-Packs

This offer is valid until 7th March 2024 and, as is often the case, there is free delivery and gift message on all orders.

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