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Brew York Taproom

Founded in 2016, all of Brew York’s beer is brewed in York (either in the taproom or their state of the art brewing facility just up the road) and they claim that they usually have at least 20 beers available. The inspiration for their beers is varied, from the local surroundings to pop culture.

Their taproom, off Walmgate, is an excellent oasis of beer and Asian street food. Indeed, Condé Nest Traveler recommend Yuzu street food, conveniently located inside the taproom, as being one of three places in York that you must visit. So imagine having that as the filling in a Brew York sandwich of excellent beer and good vibes and you are onto a winning combination.

I should say that on this particular visit I was accompanied by Chaos and Carnage who, even at 9 and 7 years old, know a thing or two about a quality taproom experience:

  • Food available (including Gluten free options) to be ordered from and delivered to your table – check (and check out those Katsu fries!)
  • Many beer lines (43!) so daddy can ensure he doesn’t drink something he has had before, fuelling his Untappd obsession – check
  • Child appropriate soft drinks available – Fanta in this case – check
  • Booths available to enable board/card games to be played in peace – check

I should also say that the taproom is huge. You enter (and exit) through the shop and up the stairs is a large expanse of tables and booths with some fantastic artwork on the walls. Then downstairs there is an ample outside area.

I should also say that Brew York brewery love a beer pun (as do I). I tried their excellent Juice Forsyth and Obi Wan Cannoli on this visit, but was sorry to miss out on the Mangolorian!

Whilst in York why not also visit the excellent beer shop and bar, fantastically named The House of Trembling Madness?

Brad Payne

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